Witherbark Mount


I don’t get to put Val in many situations where she’s sucking a cock, so I decided it was long overdue to have her doing that. Lighting isn’t quite what I hoped on this one, but I don’t wanna drag my heels on it any longer. Also you can get the comic version of this image on my patreon!

Val’s mission was simple, she was to earn the trust of the Witherbark and had been sent there to do so by the Stromgarde command. Using any means possible to gain their favor so that the Alliance could focus on the Horde threat to the north and less about a Witherbark threat to the east of Arathi Highlands. Her kind and gentle nature as well as her general likability made her the best choice to be sent among them, not as a subject of the Alliance but as a traveling druid & herbalist.

She was to observe them more than anything, especially the reports that their warriors had been taking rare berserking herbs that would make them as strong as five trolls in battle. It would take weeks to properly analyze the tribe and so she was to stay with them for as long as it took. When the Witherbark didn’t respond to her gifts and kind words of friendship well enough, she was forced to use the more questionable weapon in her arsenal… her body.

Throughout the month of her stay with them, she would willingly lay with almost half the tribe - both male & female - to secure their friendship. She too was almost always the honored guest at the tribal orgies that took place once a week. A mojo praising ritual that involved a great big bonfire and beating drums while most of the trolls had sex with one female chosen at random. Needless to say, while Val was staying there, it wasn’t a random choice as she was the pick back to back for four weeks.

She grew fond of several of the Trolls she came to know in her stay. Two brothers Seji & Hu’wan were a pair of young handsome Witherbark warriors. They shared everything, even women. They always lay with Val together and boy did they have an immense amount of stamina between them. Another was the young witch doctor female troll by the name of Zyrah, the pair would spend hours chatting deep into the night about all manner of things. At least they would when Zyrah wasn’t painting Val’s naked body and pounding her butt with her large textured strap-on.

When she finally had to leave, rather reluctantly too, she did so to a grand farewell and gifts bestowed by the tribe. She was named an honored guest who would always be welcome back among them. Before she got too far down the road from the camp, Seji & Hu’wan blocked her path with their loincloths removed and their large green cocks bared for her. They weren’t about to let her leave without a parting gift and it was a gift they’d spend half the day giving her - and one she enjoyed receiving.