The Power Bottom


Been a while since Saran has done something lewd, so here’s the adorable blueberry boy power bottoming a void horror into pounding his butt. More images coming soon, stay tuned!

Saran toys with dangerous forces as he enlists a being of the void for his own personal pleasure. He maintains control over the eldritch horror as he wills the abomination into pleasuring his beautiful femboy body. He can feel the struggle of the tentacles wanting to push deep into his body and break it beyond his mortal limits, to tear him apart from the inside out.

The ancient horror thrusts, spanks and pleasures his sissy body to the Ren’dorei’s will, furious and insulting as it communicates it’s disdain via the whispers that all of Saran’s kind can hear. For as long as Saran controls the whispers and the power of the void, it is his to command and do as he pleases.

With his ass well used and his seed splattered against the cragged rock beneath him, Saran wraps himself in void tentacles. Yes indeed, the cheeky little Elf even commanded the void horror to spoon and cuddle him after sex.