Sexual Healing

Hey, another futa thing. Had only intended to do that last futa thing but I also had taken on a commission in December featuring one of the Southbrook sisters. So here’s Casira and Val getting some sexual healing into action.

Commissioned By: @TheSouthbrooks


Casira’s body still ached a little, but right now she didn’t care. Her golden eyes were fixated upward at the beautiful Elf straddling her lap. The Kaldorei was taller than her yet still shorter than the average Night Elf tended to be, she didn’t have the toned athletic form of her kin either.

Instead her body was curvy and plump in all the right places, every inch of her was as soft and tender as her personality. Any wounded pride Casira had because of her injuries in the battle of Lordaeron was quickly fading with each hypnotic bounce of those large breasts right above her. The meaty clap of her balls smacking against the plump Elven flesh was loud and unyielding throughout their encounters in the tent.

The Elf had introduced herself as Valnoressa. After three days unconscious, Casira had awoken to the person who had dragged her from the battlefield with her injuries as well as tended to them. She was thankful and most definitely in the Kaldorei’s debt, yet selfish desires overwhelmed her as she was forced to look upon Valnoressa’s scantly clad form each time she checked in on her.

When her lust grew too great, Casira revealed herself to the Elf. She invited her healer into the tent where she had been treated and awaited her on the cot. Her dark powerful form laid bare, forged by the light and of battles of the past – topped off with a long ebony cock pulsating and twitching with excitement.

She had expected the Elf to flee at the sight of it, yet that was not to be the nature of Valnoressa.

And now here they were, healer and patient, locked in an act of passionate yet vigorous sex. Casira paid particular attention to Val’s butt, not only was it tight and welcoming but she suspected that the Elf was quite fond of anal herself.

The rest of Casira’s recovery would be as vigorous, sweaty and messy. Val had delayed sending her infirmary discharge papers for a week and the pair had made the absolute most of the extra time they got together. Casira had lost track of how many times she had bred each hole the Elf had to offer, but it was certainly enough to have those huge balls ache by the end of the week - something Val helped soothe with her magical abilities.

Even when they parted, the pair knew it would not be the last time they would meet. Casira in particular was looking forward to telling her sister about this particular Elf. After all, Val had invited her to visit her home if she ever found herself in Val’sharah. It would be rude not to pay her a visit, right?

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