Slave of the Shivarra

Hey again folks! Back with another lewd offering, this time it’s a little scene based on Val’s brief time as a slave of the demons of the Burning Legion during the events of the Legion expansion. Unfortunately some model issues with the Shivarra made this not be as good as I originally hoped, but I made the best of what I had so I hope you like it regardless. Also it is really tricky to make fel green lighting look good, who knew!


As the Guardian of G’Hanir, Val was under constant threat of being killed or captured so that the demons could claim the artifact for themselves. At one point, midway through the Legion war, the demons succeeded in capturing the Guardian of G’Hanir through a devious ambush in Aszuna. She was taken to the command ship of the mastermind behind that daring plan.

Na’thraxxia, a Shivarra with a reputation for cruelty and torture of her prisoners was to be Val’s true captor. She had been tasked by Kil’jaeden with retrieving the powerful staff from whoever carried it and making an example of the carrier in any way she deemed fit. Being the lustful creatures that they are, the Shivarra have many methods of making examples of their captives.

Val was not kept in a cage but instead, suspended from the ceiling of a cell by her wrists. She was stripped of her clothing while Na’thraxxia’s Imp minions climbed her suspended body and had their way with her. In time the massive six armed Demoness herself would join the fun, adding even Imps to the mix and even ordering her loyal Wrathguards to have their way with the druidess.

That choice would be her biggest mistake, as it left the main entrances only guarded by Imps. They were no match for the Demon Hunter that had been sent behind enemy lines to rescue Valnoressa and reclaim the artifact. This mysterious Demon Hunter killed many Imps and even the two mighty Wrathguard who were caught with their pants down. Na’thraxxia managed to escape her death at his hands however, vowing to kill him and recapture her pet druidess again someday. Though even at the end of the Legion’s invasion at the defeat in Antorus, Val has not heard from the six-armed lustful Shivarra since.