The Queen's Wife

Like I said over on Twitter, I love this pairing and I think it’s one I’ll probably do again sooner rather than later. Had originally planned to do a futa alternate version with this, but ended up deciding against it as I really prefer the female x female versions I’ve done of this ship. I also even wrote a short story for you to enjoy that you can find at this link: Read the short story!


Following her capture by the Zandalari, Jaina Proudmoore has undergone some huge changes to her personality and her priorities in life. While Queen Talanji has been a harsh and firm handed mistress, she has also offered Jaina a loving touch and gentleness previously missing from her life. The Lord Admiral has ended up settling into her new role as body slave and wife of the Queen of Zandalar. Casting away her old ties and taking her place at her side and on her knees when the Queen commands it.

This story has an accompanying short story to go with it, read “The Queen’s Wife” here!